Baby Feet

Have you heard of Baby Foot?

It’s a couple of sock-shaped bags of acid that you strap on your dogs for a couple hours. 

Ian did a round three weeks ago, with not much results. So we both did it last week. 

My feet are so peely and gross, y’all. It is awesome. 

But I feel bad saying that because his feet aren’t doing anything besides flake a bit on top. 

I’m not sure how you feel about pictures, so I won’t share any. But I will tell you that Google has plenty. 

P. S. Soaking is important. 


2 Comments on “Baby Feet”

  1. susieshy45 says:

    Wish I could see your feet.

  2. abbiosbiston says:

    I think you get that here as well except it’s called Footner. I have heard good things.

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