Catching Up on the Sewing

Tonight I made some kitchen curtains for our friends who moved in next door, made a pizza fabric keychain for my darling husband, a wrist rest for me, and I finished up a bag that has been hanging out in my fabric stash forever

I also made a cream cheese pound cake. Totes delicious. I recommend making it in as large a pan as possible because the crusty top is the absolute best part. 

4 Comments on “Catching Up on the Sewing”

  1. susieshy45 says:

    You have been busy. I love to hear about your crafts and what you cook.

    • April says:

      I can’t spend all day job hunting!

      • susieshy45 says:

        And maybe this is what you should be doing- taking care of yourself and doing things you like doing. I am not sure why but a thought keeps coming to me that you should try and develop your crafts and try to do like a small industry with it. I am not sure what you would call it in the US but back home we would call it industry- perhaps you call it a small business or a start up.

      • April says:

        I have thought about that.

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