Just a Dream

Tilly woke frantic, struggling to kick out from underneath the covers. When she was finally out of bed, she realized that it was all a dream. She didn’t even have a donkey, let alone one that was capable of operating a submarine and shooting torpedoes at the Empire State Building.


3 Comments on “Just a Dream”

  1. LRose says:

    No kidding, I woke last week from a dream that had me frantic I couldn’t remember the last time I had my wallet. I was riding the elevators of a 120-story skyscraper located in a barren desert with no other buildings around, for what seemed like forever looking for my wallet. I woke in a state of near hysteria. As I stumbled to the bathroom, I kept repeating in my mind, “Seriously, that was a dream. Just a dream. Not real. Your wallet is in your purse. You are in your home. Not real.”

    • April says:

      I woke up in a panic last night and now I can’t remember what I dreamt for the life of me.

      • LRose says:

        Oh, that’s the worst. When that happens, I repeat to myself, “You are OK, and in your bed, and there’s the cat, and you are OK….” and I eventually fall back to sleep.

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