The Sweet Globe Part 2

Today I bought the sweet globe

Only one more week of business. 

Sad face. 

6 Comments on “The Sweet Globe Part 2”

  1. susieshy45 says:

    congratulations, April. Please post a pic of it in your home.

    • April says:

      I haven’t officially decided where it’s going to go yet. Right now it’s on top of the bookcase in my office.

      • susieshy45 says:

        I am not sure if it is a trend or not but two of my friends have big globes on their desk tables at this time, both procured in the last month. One of them had a habit of spinning every globe she saw, so the other one gave one to hear as a gift. The gift giver bought one for herself from Oregon which is where she is from and it is a magnetic one or something that rotates on the base by itself. Strange coincidences.

      • April says:

        We had some magnetic ones. They’re fancy and expensive.

      • susieshy45 says:

        I think Kathleen’s is wonderful ( that’s her name). How is the job search coming on April ?

      • April says:

        I haven’t searched much yet.

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