Christopher’s Brightest Hour

file00047469413The adventure began when Christopher arranged for the limousine to pick them up at his house at nine o’clock on the dot.

Maureen was glamorous and graceful in her long flowing silk dress, the blue bringing out the depth of color in her eyes.

Percy was every inch the elegant gentleman, lording over the group with a righteousness that suited him in a way that would have been laughable with anyone else.

Gail trailed along behind the rest of them like a condemned woman taking her final walk down the long mile to the electric chair.

Christopher led the charge like a conqueror from ancient times, the seam in the seat of his pants already wearing thin and beginning to tear. No one was harder on clothing that Christopher. He gave the directions to the limo driver in secret, not letting any of the others know their final destination on this fancy dress journey.

They stopped at the nearest public park, and Christopher dragged Maureen out to gather a few handfuls of daisies with which the pair made crowns for the entire party.

The next stop was the library. While no accessories were to be found here, Christopher made everyone get out of the limo and take a series of selfies in front of the great stone lion that stood a lonely sentry out front of the dark building.

Even Gail was pleasantly surprised when they stopped at Percy’s favorite sushi bar. Christopher made a quick phone call, and in short order, a waitress brought out a party tray of sushi rolls, all colors of the rainbow. These were quickly devoured on the way to the next, and final, stop.

Christopher got out first and waved the limo driver aside to hold the door himself for the other three. He smiled broadly at their goggle-eyed stares, for they were standing in front of the apartment building that housed several local celebrities, including a moderately famous sculptor who happened to be having a formal party that very evening.

The party was excellent, if a tad bit skimpy on the hors d’oeuvres, hence Christopher’s idea to stop at the sushi bar beforehand.

For weeks to come, even months and years, they talked about it as Christopher’s greatest achievement, especially since the biggest surprise he’d ever orchestrated before had been a trip to the movie theater to see Basic Instinct.

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