Character Sketch #17

He looks her up and down as they pass each other, licking his lips before he loses himself in his phone again, She is oblivious to his lasciviousness, bags bumping her leg with every step she takes.

His stride is an easy stroll. The metal cane he carries may be an affectation, something he uses because of his calendar age and not because of necessity. He doesn’t seem to be leaning on it for support or balance. His head swivels back and forth, back and forth as he walks, peering into each and every store.

She clasps her wallet tightly against her chest as though the slightest release of pressure will cause it to leap from her arms and into a stranger’s. She wears running shorts and tennis shoes, but that wallet is too large for her to have been exercising while carting it along.

Mother and child, carrying lunch. Mother holds the bag of food and her large styrofoam cup. Daughter struggles to keep up with both chubby arms wrapped around her own small styrofoam cup. Short legs begin to fail, and mother now holds food, cup, and daughter.

Sweatpants, sweatshirt, hoodie–and flip flops. His thumbs flash across the face of his phone as I wonder what weather he dressed himself for today.


4 Comments on “Character Sketch #17”

  1. LRose says:

    Fortunately, the Ugg boots with the thin tank top and hip-hugger mini skirt look seems to be waning in popularity. You remember, the look that said, “Wow. It sure is hot today, but for some reason my feet are freezing!” I used to call it Summer in at the North Pole look. Now, if we could only get rid of the leggings-as-pants thing…

    • April says:

      Whoa there. Leggings are pants. They just are.

      • LRose says:

        No. They are heavy-duty tights without feet, and should only be worn in a yoga, pilates, or dance class, or, if in public, at least with a skirt or somethin’ coverin’ the ol’ backside. Old-fogy that I am is just sayin’. 😉

      • April says:

        I cover the backside, don’t you worry bout that. I like to cover the backside as a general rule, though.

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