Guest Post

No poem this time. I’d just like to say I’m very proud of my wife. She is amazing in so many ways, that unfortunately for you, you’ll never know. Beyond being an amazing writer, makeup artist, and selfie taker, she’s just as amazing at so many more things. You all should seriously come meet her just for fresh baked cinnamon rolls. If you ever have the chance to have someone as special as her in your life, you should cherish every moment. I love every second we spend together and look forward to the next day with her. Ok enough sappy stuff. I’ll give y’all a sneak peek for tomorrow. I plan on taking her to lunch and then see if she feels like looking at Halloween stuff at the Spirit store. Then I have to take her mom to pick up a sewing machine. Then a date night with her, probably burritos and Pokémon Go. Now we are going to watch Predestination because 9Gag told me it’s a great movie. 

2 Comments on “Guest Post”

  1. LRose says:

    Well said. And it isn’t even Valentine’s Day yet. Happy date night!

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