Kitty Cat Fantasy

jeremy-catNot often, but sometimes Jeremy would exhibit signs of being a cat. Oftentimes, this illness exhibited itself in the form of stealthily knocking full glasses of water off the coffee table and staring his mother in the eye as she waited for him to take responsibility for his actions.

At other times, he would poop in a box he kept in the corner of his bathroom full of kitty litter. This was his mother’s least favorite.

Sometimes he enjoyed batting a small piece of plastic around the linoleum of the kitchen floor, especially while his mother was trying to cook dinner.

Rarely, he would lie on the kitchen counter, roll casually to one side, and expose his belly for an indeterminate amount of belly rubs before he would widen his eyes, bare his teeth, and go for blood.

Doctors eventually gave up on conventional medications and recommended a flea collar.

PP #58


2 Comments on “Kitty Cat Fantasy”

  1. LRose says:

    Doctors always know best. Fun!

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