Untitled 1: Reflections of Oneself

And now for something completely different: today we have a guest post from my handsome husband. 

Hands shaking
tears pooling
heart racing
violence is never the answer
until it is
fight of fly
take a swing
or breakdown and cry

clenched fists
muscles burn
one tear rolls
the rest soon follow
knees weak

violence is never the answer
even when it’s the best one

2 Comments on “Untitled 1: Reflections of Oneself”

  1. LRose says:

    (obviously?) heartfelt. Thank you!
    My question, however, is this: Why for is April’s lovely mug in the selfie pic (smiling, which is really lovely!) and not your dear darling husband of April face?
    ‘Fraid of a little makeup? Hmmm?

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