Family Antiquing

“Leoma! Aren’t you ready yet?” Melody called upstairs. “The sale’s only on today, and who can argue with affordable? Hurry it up!”sdrandco-1

A rhythmic thumping announced that Leoma was ready and heading for the staircase. Melody shook her head with impatience and jingled her keys in her hand as she stood at the front door. “About time,” she mumbled under her breath.

Leoma made her grand entrance for their exit, pausing at the foot of the stairs so anyone and everyone could appreciate the outfit she’d put together to impress the masses. But only Melody was there to see, and Melody didn’t care, so Leoma huffed and flounced out the front door and to the car.

Melody locked the front door and got in the driver’s seat to start the car.

“Mom, haven’t you had enough of these vices of yours? I mean, shopping is great and all, as long as it’s at a cool store, not these boring antique shops and estate sales.” Leoma crossed her arms and popped her gum, and turned to stare out the window.

“They’re not vices anymore, Leoma. I’m old enough now that they’re eccentricities, thank you very much. Buckle your seatbelt.” Melody put her hands at ten and two and steered them down the street.

“Cut it out, Mom. It’s not like you’re a cop.” Leoma rolled her eyes , but only because her face was pointed out the window where her mother couldn’t see.

“I’m the first law you’ll listen to until you’re eighteen, missy. Buckle it!” Melody ordered.

“Yeah? Lemme see yer badge, old lady!” Leoma giggled.

Melody elbowed her as she turned onto the highway. “I’ll badge you, now hush it!”



One Comment on “Family Antiquing”

  1. tnkerr says:

    aha ha ha – that was fun. I have two daughters so I know that in addition to being fun it is frighteningly accurate as well.

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