Four years ago, when I accepted a Liebster Award from Bree, I said that I’d share an article I wrote on London nightclubs for an MTurk. Tonight I was looking through my drafts and found it. If I was lucky, I might have gotten paid a whole quarter for this garbage; I don’t remember. 

The biggest challenge in assignments like this is the rules: no you or your, and the list of phrases that you must use in specific places a certain number of times. But I did enjoy the exercise. 

I wonder if it’s ever been used–a quick Google search tells me that the first paragraph has been, just four months ago. Interesting. 

Let me know if you can struggle through it!

Someone searching for a cocktail bar in London might well be impressed with the variety found in just a few short hours of bar-hopping. Any type of drink a person might desire may be had at several destinations, or only one, if the atmosphere is right. Along with these tasty beverages, the seating is oftentimes placed so that patrons can particularly enjoy the decor and scenery. A quiet lunch with friends is made even more pleasurable with the addition of a cocktail…or two. A drink might be just the thing to strike up a new, friendlier relationship with that attractive new co-worker.

What else can be said for these lovely little hot spots of fun and fabulousness? A short stop at any cocktail bar after the office is closed for the day is sure to liven up those long, hard hours of working steadily behind a desk, wishing for more fun. Who knows? Perhaps Prince Charming is waiting there, sitting on the next stool, lounging on the patio, or smiling from behind the bar. The right person could be just around the corner, waiting for that special someone. Everyone is special in their own way, some just know how to take advantage of that.

Nightclubs in London are even better for letting off steam. The dance floors are always packed tightly with the hottest people in town. Brushing shoulders at the bar with a celebrity is quite common, to be sure. Such an experience can only serve to make the highlights of the evening even brighter. Everybody who’s anybody can be seen at some point frequenting the nightclubs. All it takes is a little patience and some looking around for the best clubs.

As the evening fades, the crowd disperses, and patrons begin to linger more quietly in pairs, the fun can be just starting up at another location. Take a stroll to see what’s on the next block. The house specialties are always new and exciting. Adventures abound, waiting to be found. Even a shy little wallflower may bloom from her shell once the music gets into her soul. Dancing is some of the best exercise there is, isn’t it? It’s lovely to get a workout while relaxing, like killing two birds with one stone. Even better when that stone is the rocks a drink is poured over.

The experienced traveler knows what to do to find the best cocktail bar or nightclub in London. All it takes is a willingness to get to know the people, the streets, the signs, and the ability to recognize a good time when it’s there to be had. Good times are good times, the world around. Everyone, no matter their race, nation, or creed, loves to get out and have a good party, especially when the opportunity arises to try new things or meet new people.


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  1. LRose says:

    Enjoyed it alot!

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