Coffee, Hold the Sunrise

Caroline smiled approvingly down at the scale, happy to whittle down her waistline like the tortoise, not the hare. She stepped off and grabbed her toothbrush to fill it with minty freshness from a tube. Teeth properly cleaned, she washed her hands and put her contacts in. She blinked her eyes rapidly, making sure everything was in place, and cinched her bathrobe belt around her waist before heading for the kitchen.

With the kids gone, and Kenneth long since kicked to the curb, Caroline loved a good peaceful cup of coffee while catching up on her Facebook feed. She drank her Folgers black, and with the cup steaming like a house afire, she carted her laptop out to the back patio to take in the sunrise.


She chuckled at cat videos while sipping her morning joe,and suddenly remembered her desperate need for corn tortillas. She pulled her ever-present notepad and pencil from her bathrobe pocket and flipped to a fresh page. The pencil felt a bit odd in her hand, so she held it up like a pistol, and she sighted down the barrel. It looked fine. She shrugged and precisely printed corn tortillas on the first line.

Nothing was groundbreakingly new in Facebookland, so Caroline gently closed her laptop and leaned back in her chair, crossing her left leg over her right. She held her mug with both hands and took a long sip of her now-cooled coffee, letting the steam bathe her pores. The clouds in the sky blocked her view of the sunrise, so she sighed and tucked her notebook back into her pocket as she rose to go inside and dress for the day.

TBP OLWG #27 15 minutes, I choose 17.

4 Comments on “Coffee, Hold the Sunrise”

  1. tnkerr says:

    Love stories like this. Just a captured moment, like a snapshot.Really nice.

  2. LRose says:

    There are times, when the laptop is nowhere in site, I pull out a notebook (you know, the kind they make with that organic material stuff from the things you see every so often called ‘trees’) and a pen (that’s that plastic stick thing with the stuff they call “ink” inside it) and, placing the pen close to one eye, I take a moment to view down it’s shank to make sure all is as it should be (only older people like me know just what to look for). Then I curse the fact my coffee’s gone cold, because no one told me about the latest gadget that is going to keep my coffee from going cold. Except the late-night commercial guy, who always tells me to, “BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE!” and then confuses the hell out of me because I don’t really get the full picture of ‘what’s more.’ Especially when he sets his commercial TV set on fire and starts laughing maniacally. Am I missing the joke? Weekends can be challenging like that sometimes.

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