ISO Potty

Chris wandered the aisles, seeking just the right snack. He couldn’t find it. He shrugged and grabbed a bag of white cheddar popcorn and a red cream soda before heading for the register. 

Crippling stomach cramps bent him double, and he popped his head up to look for the nearest restroom. When he could stand upright again, he headed straight for it. 

Out of order. 

The green marker stood out against the white paper like a neon sign. Might as well say just shit yourself, Chris thought. Fuckers. 

The pain had his arms wrapped tightly around his middle, and showed no signs of abating. Bad tacos, he thought. Ugh. 

He set the goodies down and turned to make the trek to the other store restroom. 

Wouldn’t you know it?

Out of order. 

Chris tore the sign off the door on his way in. Order be damned. 

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