9178 Feet

Today we rode the Georgetown Loop Railroad, going up to 9178 feet. 

Our elevation at home is 30 feet. 


4 Comments on “9178 Feet”

  1. tnkerr says:

    Are you finding yourself short of breath? At that elevation it can happen.

    • April says:

      We’re back down to 5600 now, but I’ve had the worst of the adjustment. Not short of breath, but headachey for a couple days and a bit of dizziness and nausea for a few hours.

  2. Did you enjoy it? I mean, assuming that you could breathe…

    And how was Casa Bonita?

    • April says:

      Oh yes, it was lovely and cool, beautiful, and one of the employees was named Ian and had similarly themed tattoos to my Ian!

      Casa Bonita was a much different experience as an adult. I was more impressed with the divers than scared of the gorilla–I screamed as a little girl.

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