Bitter Sorrow

blanketShe rolled the dice and called him. When he answered, she started to thank him for the flowers, but the click of the disconnect was a padlock around her heart.

The moon shone down. She walked inside, slapping on the kitchen light and rummaging through the cabinets, but everything reminded her of him.

The peanut butter reminded her of peanuts that they ate while they flew to see the Pyramids.

She fled to their bed, and cried herself to sleep under the Southwestern blanket he’d presented on her last birthday.

That was probably the most editing I’ve ever done on something so short, just to get it down to 90 words, but I did it!

4 Comments on “Bitter Sorrow”

  1. LRose says:

    You did it! And a clear, emotional story to boot!

  2. likethelamp says:

    Wow. Super seamless and vivid! Nicely done.

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