Exotic Animal Races

Today at Louisiana Downs they had camel and ostrich races interspersed with horse racing. We missed the camel race, but I did get to see my first horse races. And my first ostrich race. 

It was super packed. We’ve been to the Labor Day Weiner Dog Races a couple of times, and it wasn’t anything close to this. 

Ostriches about to start

We didn’t bet, but I picked the winner on the first two, and my horse almost won the third. 

But now my four-day weekend comes to a close, and since my manager’s on vacation, it’ll be almost like having a real job for the next week and a half. He told me that the assistant manager and I are equally in charge while he’s gone. 

5 Comments on “Exotic Animal Races”

  1. drunkstorks says:

    I’ve never been to any races, weiner dog, ostrich or regular horse…sounds like fun though!
    Also, on your blog, there’s a picture I’m looking at, I believe it’s you with 4th of July eyebrows?!! K you have serious skills. You win 4th of July 😉

  2. abbiosbiston says:

    Ostriches are FAST!

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