Character Sketch #15

He walks the mall nearly every day; on the days he’s missing, I worry. He’s always decked out head to toe in his college colors. He has a smile, a wave, and a warm greeting for everyone he passes. Yes sir, I will make sure I don’t work too hard. Roll Tide!

She works two kiosks down to my left; she also works two kiosks down to my right. Some days she’s here open to close; some days I can tell she’s really not feeling it. But feeling it or not, she’s stunningly beautiful, with flawlessly clear skin. 

Backwards cap with sunglasses perched on top: do you shade your eyes with your hand outside? How cliche. But your shirt brags the same loyalty as my daily walking friend, so Roll Tide!

She tap-shuffle-slides her way down the mall, barely lifting her flip flops as she makes her lazy way. Wait! She comes to an abrupt stop and raps her dirty fingers on a glass storefront, pointing and waving madly until she has the attention she’s been trying to attract. She rudely leaves an entire handprint on the glass.

Her face is stern as she shifts her bags from one hand to the other. Her stride is slightly quicker than normal. Her lips purse in quiet disapproval at my blue lipstick as her gaze slides disdainfully away. 


2 Comments on “Character Sketch #15”

  1. LRose says:

    Did you also have blue brows?

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