Batches of Bits: 50 Word Stories

He awoke to someone laughing and the pitter patter of children, but he lived alone and didn’t have any children. It startled him for a moment, before he remembered the new neighbors that moved in a couple days ago. He sighed and crammed his pillow more firmly against his ears.


She knew the election was rigged, but that didn’t stop her from running. Class government was all about arts and crafts anyway, after popularity. She puff painted and poster boarded her artsy little heart out until she couldn’t craft any more. But she forgot to take tape costs into account.


He knew if he had a field of goats that he wouldn’t have to cut grass ever again. All he had to do now was convince the missus of the brilliance of his master plan. She wasn’t an easy sell, but he was pretty sure that he could do it.


The kitten mewed and his heart melted. Such a sweet little thing, and all alone in the world. He looked around and the mother cat was nowhere to be found, so he pulled off his shirt and wrapped the poor baby up to take home and feed some suitable dinner.


Was this the seventeenth or eighteenth broken toe caused by that damn dresser? That son of a bitchin’ thing was about ready for the junkyard anyway. She started to pull the dining room table out of the way, turned around, and caught another damn toe on the dresser. She screamed.



All prompts provided by Beensy03.


One Comment on “Batches of Bits: 50 Word Stories”

  1. abbiosbiston says:

    I love the goat one.

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