A Strange and Terrible Wonder

the softly building din
of sparkling shining raindroplets
pouring from the skies

outlining the impression of a man standing
silent; mouth set in a straight line.
speaking whispers in my head

Walk with me. Come with me.
We’ll never return.
Leave the dishes in the sink, the pots and pans to rust.
Leave the dog and leave the cat.
Leave everything you love.
Come, walk with me.

the light that once shone down
making rainbows cross the sky
slowed to dim
and darken the puddles beneath my feet.

whispers, whispers, in my mind
the doubt sets in
shrouded in the glory of escape

Walk with me, away from responsibility
before the rooster dares to crow.
Walk with me, come walk with me.

the weight of my own feet crippled me
I want to walk; I want to leave.
my life weighs down on me
My albatross.

the echo chamber of my thoughts
spinning round and spinning round
the carousel of every day

I reach out and take his hand.


Thanks to Abraham Fleming for the title.

2 Comments on “A Strange and Terrible Wonder”

  1. LRose says:

    What a lovely moody piece.

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