From Ted

Connie tapped the paperwork on her desk to square the edges. She stapled the corner and placed the bundle neatly into her out bin. Work done for the day, she leaned back in her chair to decompress for a minute. 

A knock on her office door startled her upright. 

“Come in,” Connie called. 

Her assistant entered, timidly, carrying an envelope. She held it out to Connie. 

“It’s from Ted.”

Connie spun her chair to face the wall, unwilling to let her assistant see her in tears. 

“Just set it down. And go home, I’m all done for the day.”

She didn’t turn back around until she heard the door softly click shut. 

Gnawing a hangnail on her thumb, Connie stared at the envelope until she couldn’t hold back any longer. She picked it up and ripped it open, but dropped it back onto her desk without removing the page inside. 

When housekeeping dumped her trash later that night, on top was the letter, still inside the tear stained envelope, unread. 

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