A Day to Daydream

Lola woke up to the sound of tree branches scratching against her bedroom window, The wind was kicking up, and a thunderstorm was on its way. She pulled back her curtain to reveal a violet sky. No gardening today.

She stood, toying with a strand of her hair, twisting it into a cats’ cradle around the fingers of one hand. She was lost in a daydream of plans that might have been.

Lightning arced across the sky, and abruptly, Lola was thrown back into the real world. She took a moment to synchronize herself with her surroundings, then threw on a robe and padded out into the kitchen.

Stella the cat slept peacefully on the granite countertop next to the sink. Lola was loath to shoo her off, but coffee was calling. Stella swiftly dodged the hand trying to soother her hurt feelings and ducked into the bedroom to hide among the dust bunnies beneath the bed.

Lola shrugged and dropped a pod into her Keurig. Then she leaned forward, elbows on the counter, watching the stream flow into her mug, miles away from everything.



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