More Civic Duties

Dang, I meant to do some character sketches at jury selection this morning. 

But I had a good time. You don’t ever hear anyone say that about jury duty, do you?

When I got in the police jury room, where we have to wait and watch our video and make our lame excuses and get our numbers assigned, an old friend of mine waved at me from her seat. 

We Facebook on occasion, but we haven’t really hung out in a while, since we had lunch at the end of March. 

So we sat and talked and laughed while we were supposed to be responsibly paying attention. Just like we were in high school again. 

Both of our numbers were high enough that we were dismissed early today, with orders to call after five to see if we were needed tomorrow, but all jurors were dismissed. 

It was nice catching up again. And she told me my gold glitter brows matched my personality. Isn’t that a lovely compliment? 

5 Comments on “More Civic Duties”

  1. LRose says:

    Oo! I got a jury summons a couple of months ago and deferred it to November. First time I’ve been summoned. I’m kinda excited!

    I agree. The gold brows are far better than the face mask treatment. You really know how to get that perfect line and arch!

  2. abbiosbiston says:

    I was supposed to do Jury Service in April and I was quite looking forward to it but then with the gestational diabetes and needing to be able to go and eat at all hours and hospital appointments and blood testing schedules they excused me before I even got started. I hope one day I will get called again.

    • April says:

      I know a lot of people who’ve never been called, and then people like me who get the letter nearly annually. You never know here.

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