Character Sketch Special Edition: Def Leppard

Freddie Mercury mustache. Cross necklace. Strawberry margarita. His legs are too long for the seating here, and his knees stick up like bunny ears. His girlfriend’s ombré hair is chopping layered. 

He is impressively rotund in his denim overalls, but he made it safely to the stop of the stairs. Not even breathing heavily. Good job, man. 

She’s short and skinny, in a tiny miniskirt. Her purse is huge and nearly hidden behind the enormous canvas bag. She’s ignoring the signs and announcements: those are both far too large to bring into the venue, lady. 

He struggles into his brand spanking new $40 Def Leppard shirt in his seat. Once it’s over his head, he tugs it down his back and settles into the seat to wait for the show to begin. 

Aren’t they cute, taking selfies before the lights go down. So young and fresh faced, the both of them. I bought Adrenalize with babysitting money when I was nearly their age. 


2 Comments on “Character Sketch Special Edition: Def Leppard”

  1. LRose says:

    Fun! I can clearly picture all of it. Enjoy yourselves!

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