Character Sketch #11

Identical twins in identical tops. Identical mouths near identical phones. Identical shoes tap identical steps. Only their shorts are different.

She sips her drink and texts, paying not the least bit of attention to where she puts her feet. The abandoned tater tot in her path crushes to mush on the bottom of her sandal. Maybe she will scrape it off on the parking lot’s blacktop before she gets in her car; maybe she’ll grind it into her carpet. Watch where you’re going, little girl.

The prominent growth on his ear is not a deformity, simply an old bluetooth earpiece. All nearby might freely eavesdrop on the high volume conversation he’s conversating, but I tune it out. I won’t miss a wink of sleep wondering what on earth he was talking about.

Her brightly colored hijab is beautiful. I smile and make eye contact, but fail to tell her because she is also in the midst of a phone conversation, just like nearly everyone else I have seen today. Maybe she’ll pass back by and I can compliment her. Maybe not.

He lounges carelessly against the tripper sign standing at the entrance to the shoe store where he works, every so often checking his phone for new messages. Customers are few and far between today. img_9519


3 Comments on “Character Sketch #11”

  1. LRose says:

    Thank goodness for slow sales days! Means you have time to record all those who pass by. Love the twins “they’re the same, except they’re not.”

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