Wardrobe Malfunction

Today I wore a new shirt I picked up at Target on clearance a couple weeks ago. It has shoulder cutouts that perfectly frame my new mola mola tattoo. ❤️🐠❤️

With about forty-five minutes left at work, I reached to scratch my back, and guess what! The seam down the middle of the back of my top was not doing its job. Not at all, except for a couple inches at the top and bottom. 

I have no idea how long my back was all hanging out. Not a clue. I must have caught my shirt on something, but I don’t remember feeling any pulling or hearing any tearing. 

What else could I do? I went with it and just kept pretending that’s how it was supposed to look. 

I’m not sure if shoulder cutouts are allowed in the dress code, but I’m reasonably certain that open backs are not. Guess I’ll sew it up and try again. 💁🏼


2 Comments on “Wardrobe Malfunction”

  1. LRose says:

    (giggle!) Didn’t you know, girl, back bra strap is IN! Hooks and all. Get with the TIMES!

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