Five and a Half Down, Three to Go

I’ve been living with my ureteral stent for five and a half weeks now. The first week sucked a lot. 


As I said the day I got it, if you’ve ever had a catheter, you probably know that it sucks to pee for a while afterwards. That lasted a couple days, and my urine was clear of visible blood by six days out. I read that intermittent bleeding can occur, but I’ve been fortunate enough to not have that symptom. 

This week, the bladder spasms have increased, which is unpleasant, to say the least. Standing is not the best, so while I was sitting at work the other night, of course the district manager showed up to print some things and bitch at me. 

“What if everyone sat while they’re working?” he asked. 

“Not everyone has a kidney stone and a ureteral stent,” was my response. 

He seemed to let it go for a few minutes before picking it back up. And the next day the assistant manager let me know that he showed up again and was asking if I had a doctor’s note saying I needed to sit. But what’s he going to do, fire me? 

The fatigue is much worse than I expected. Most days I feel like I did so much more than I actually did, like today. I’m just tired. 

But three weeks from now I’ll be NPO in preparation for my surgery where they’ll remove my stent and zap my stone with laser beams. 

And next week when I get my preop stuff done I’ll try to find out whether or not I get another stent afterwards. Fingers crossed it’s a big fat no. Really tired of feeling like I have to pee all the time


4 Comments on “Five and a Half Down, Three to Go”

  1. drunkstorks says:

    Your DM sounds like a real gem….

    Hope you’re feeling better soon 🌷 Or at least like you don’t have to pee all the time.

  2. abbiosbiston says:

    Your DM sounds like a complete twat!

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