Character Sketch #9

Her eyes protrude with Graves’ disease, her hair lank and mousy: unimpressive. But the kindness in her face fades these superficial faults to nothingness. Her husband smiles to himself, secure in this knowledge. 

Slow and steady wins the race: he is slow, and he is steady, carrying a heartfelt birthday card for his wife who naps at home. Slow and steady and kind and caring and in love. 

He stops once more to again offer me the X-wing he bought at the toy store. He knows I love Star Wars, but I haven’t had the heart to tell him yet that I don’t pray. I’m not entirely sure how well he would take it. 

He talks on his phone, pausing every other word to check on the small boy trailing further and further behind him. It’s a challenge to step one foot per floor tile when the tiles are so much longer than his short little legs, feet encased in sandals. He gives up, and races forward heedlessly. 

Her laugh is so loud, so loud. It echoes off the floor, the walls, the glass storefronts. Her joy is palpable. Today I can handle it; some days I cannot. She pauses to sweep up an abandoned free sample bbq French fry, greets a passerby, and laughs again. Raucously. Today I can handle it. 

P. S. I haven’t forgotten, Laurie!

One Comment on “Character Sketch #9”

  1. LRose says:

    Mind that you don’t! As always, so much fun to read. I can see each of these folks.

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