The Persistence of Time-Sensitive Packages

I knew I was dreaming when the clock struck fourteen. I immediately relaxed about six notches. It’s amazing how much easier it is to handle Dali when I know I’m dreaming.

 I turned back around to the melted ants that were attacking me to confiscate my abalone on rye sandwich. I was not about to allow them to make off with my hard-earned comestibles.

One by one, I kicked the poor bastards, launching them beyond the tangerine cliffs. Reassured that they wouldn’t be returning anytime soon, I sat down to finish my lunch, but just as I opened my mouth to take a bite, I woke up.

Someone was pounding on my front door. I scrambled from my tangle of bedclothes to the door for a perfectly timed glimpse of the back end of the UPS truck.

“Brown,” I grumbled at the form notice stuck to my door. I crushed its flimsiness in my fist and dropped it in the trash on my way to the couch.

“Red,” I muttered as the Netflix logo flashed on my TV. It was high time I caught up on The Walking Dead. Nothing like being sick and tired of hearing the rest of the world ramble on and on about a show to make you love it or hate it without a single minute’s worth of viewing.

Screw it. I’d rather play Netflix roulette with my top picks. My finger hovered over the clicker, and it hit me like a ton of bricks.

I really needed to catch the UPS guy this morning. That was an important package.

I threw the remote at the wall and went back to bed to battle the ants.


2 Comments on “The Persistence of Time-Sensitive Packages”

  1. LRose says:

    I really liked this one!

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