The Spooky Old House

If I were not sworn for life to protect confidentiality I would have a photo to share with you. But I can tell you some of the story. 

Tonight while on official business, my last address of the day turned out to be an abandoned old house on a hill. I got there by an overgrown gravel road. 

Had it been dark, I would not have stopped and gotten out of the car. As my friend said, that’s the start of a horror movie. But it was still daylight, so I stopped. 

I saw an old mattress on the back porch as I picked my way through the weeds. I found a “taxes due” notice on the front door. No one answered my knock, which I expected, but I saw there was still a couch inside, at least. 

I saw an extension cord leading from the house, and when I walked towards the shed that it disappeared into, I noticed that the shed was locked. 

I wonder what’s going on there. 

Since the tax notice was fresh, I went ahead and left my card. Maybe someone will call. 

One Comment on “The Spooky Old House”

  1. LRose says:

    So, art really does imitate life! Spooky indeed.

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