On This Day

Facebook’s On This Day thing has its ups and downs, for sure, but one thing it has got me doing is checking back through my archives here once or twice a week. 

Last year we went hiking and Ian rescued me. 

It’s been three whole years since I did the A to Z Challenge, and I desperately need to get back to sewing, since I still have one of these fabrics

Four years ago letrozole gave me bone pain. I do not miss that stuff or Clomid. 

And of course, Facebook let me know that five years ago we went to Nana’s house. 

#tbt baby me and a leopard–don’t ask, I don’t have the answers

2 Comments on “On This Day”

  1. abbiosbiston says:

    Mine is currently reminding me of when Mr O and I started our relationship 7 years ago. I am dreading when it gets to where he vanished out of my life for 8 months without an explanation and I was heartbroken…

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