Brucie the Good Jumper

If you’re relatively new here, you probably haven’t heard about Bruce Lee.    
  He was a really good jumper. As a super long cat, he had the legs for it. He could easily reach six feet vertically, and twice that horizontally. 

And he was a great snuggler. The only problem was that I was mildly allergic to him, so if he snuggled my face or slept on my pillow, I would get a tad miserable. But I didn’t mind, much. 

He was a rotten beggar, but all our cats are. I blame us for that, not them. 

Bruce was the only cat we’ve ever had who could open a screw top lid. He loved him some Pounce. You couldn’t hide treats from him. He would find them and he would open them and he would eat them. 

He used to come cry at our door in the middle of the night because there wasn’t any food in the middle of the bowl. 

And he liked to drink from the toilet. He was good at that, too. 

He would have loved the porch here. 

He was a good boy. 


4 Comments on “Brucie the Good Jumper”

  1. susieshy45 says:

    April, big hugs- it it two years today ?

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