Terrestrially Disappointed

This planet was not at all what Gorba expected. The inhabitants were absolutely huge. And nearly all of them so dangerously oblivious to their surroundings.

The slobbery one that picked him up in its thingwet, cavernous facial opening was covered in some sort of fine tentacles, but they didn’t seem to operate like tentacles at all. Useless appendages? Millions of them? So strange. Maybe they were taste buds. But no, probably not; it hadn’t touched Gorba with the tentacled parts of its body, only the plain, empty ones.

So much noise.

So much light.

So many inhabitants, in so many shapes and so many sizes.

Gorba considered hibernation until the time of his inevitable rescue…Yes. That was probably his best option. He couldn’t make sense of this place at all. He let his tentacles go rubbery and his eyes go googly, and he commenced to wait.

PP #51

2 Comments on “Terrestrially Disappointed”

  1. LRose says:

    Sometimes, I am Gorba. Fun take! Hope you and Ian are well.

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