J Redux

Twenty months ago I wrote about the reason I haven’t had an empty inbox since February 4, 2014. 

Because I had this Listserve email from j in Indiana:

for a long time, i needed the attention of strangers on the internet to feel good about myself, but i don’t anymore.

have a good day,



It’s still there in my inbox. I haven’t read it in a long time. I thought I knew it well enough to not have to open and read it. I thought I kept it in mind. 

I haven’t. 

Tonight it’s the only item there (for now). And I read it, and it resonated. I found my post about it, and read that. 

I don’t think it ever goes away forever. I think I will always need the attention of strangers on the Internet to feel good about myself. 

Finding like-minded strangers to talk to on the Internet has been a pastime of mine for nearly half my life. And comments section idiocy or no, I find that strangers are less judgmental that my “real” friends on Facebook. 


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