The Family Legend

Sit down, child, and let me tell you a story about your great great grandfather McCoy. Mind that button you’re playin’ with, it’s all we have left of his uniform. When you hear someone say they don’t make ’em like they used to, you praise the Lord that they don’t, because what do we have left of that great man but an old brass button, you tell me that?

Come on now, I said sit down. Now, it’s takes years to build a hero like your great great grandfather, most times it takes a whole lifetime. He was a great man, I tell you, a great man, but you won’t read about him in those hist’ry books at that school you go to, I promise you that, young man. 

Let me ask you somethin’. You got all that book learnin’ in that big smart head of yours, tell me, who won the War between the States? No sir, it’s wasn’t that lazybones Grant. It was your own great great grandfather Wilson R. McCoy. 

He led more troops and won more battles than nether Grant nor Lee nor Lincoln hisself could even imagine. A great man, and nothing left to remember him but that one button. He’s wake up every morning before the buglers played reveille. No tracker could find him, no man outmaneuver him. He could break a wild horse to saddle in three days, and wild falcons would light on his arm. 

But none of that mattered when it came right down to it. Do you know why they kept him out of the hist’ry books and kept our good name from gettin’ out there? Because the only thing they cared about was your great great grandfather’s battle cry: more whiskey and fresh horses!

So what the man was a drunk? I say it don’t make one lick o’difference how much a man drinks when he’s got greatness in his veins. And great he was. 

Give me that button for safekeepin’ now, there’s a good boy. Get on to bed, you know the mornin’ comes soon enough these days.  

 TBP Online Writer’s Guild #4
25 minutes writing/editing. 

5 Comments on “The Family Legend”

  1. tnkerr says:

    And, all we have left is that button. More’s the pity.

  2. LRose says:

    I am truly enjoying how we are coming up with similar but different stories! This is a granny I’ve known. Great depiction.

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