Publicity Works

Today’s Daily Prompt:

Go to your Stats page and check your top 3-5 posts. Why do you think they’ve been successful? Find the connection between them, and write about it.

Easy peasy, y’all. 

My top four posts are:

  1. Birth Stories
  2. The Adoption Blogger Interview Project
  3. Submitting to My Submission
  4. ungovernable

I don’t think I understand this prompt; I’m sure everyone who has a captive audience the near the same small size as mine will come to the same realization.

My top posts’ views are well beyond my average numbers. The first is an entire order of magnitude greater, while the others range from 2-3 times my average number. 

And the thing they all have in common is publicity. 

  1. Birth Stories was featured on a Friday Blog Roundup at Stirrup Queens
  2. The Adoption Blogger Interview Project was featured at Production, Not Reproduction
  3. Submitting to My Submission was posted the day my Listserve email went out, and was my second Roundup shoutout
  4. And of course, ungovernable was shared around on Facebook by the guy who wrote the book. 

What is this prompt, a reminder that I am my own worst publicist? I already knew that. Seriously, I did. Swear. My friends have advertised my novel more than I have. 

It’s just–that part doesn’t interest me. It dips into my other time, my writing time, my reading time, my commenting time. And I already dip into that time enough for real life

Of course I’m tickled pink to get a notification that my stats are booming. Who isn’t? But that’s a brief rosy tickle; it doesn’t compare to the feeling when I write something right. The rightness of this missive I created doesn’t go away.

But a more interesting project would be to find the connection between my next top posts; the ones that fall at the tip of the norm, not outside it. Let’s have a look. 

My last four annual above-average performers:

  1. 2012: Inspiration.
  2. 2013: Whew!
  3. 2015: You. Guys.
  4. 2016: Pickles.

So, what do these have in common? 

Well, they’re all fairly light reading. Let’s dig a little deeper. 

  1. Inspiration was some nice inspiring reading just now; but it sure made me miss my blogging class of ’12. I’m glad that I still have contact with most of the bloggers I mentioned. The sheer volume of links here is what I’d lay the blame on for this post’s slightly-higher-than-normal popularity. 
  2. Whew! was a sleeper. I had to read the comments to find out why it got so many views: because I disappeared for nearly a month after posting it, it was where people went to check on me. Bless you for that, my friends. 
  3. You. Guys. was when I announced that I’d won the Listserve. I’m sure a lot of those views were from email-referred readers a few days later who clicked on my Listserve tag. 
  4. Pickles is self-explanatory, though. I mean, who can resist a trio of pickly haikus? 

No; I don’t believe that there is a tie that binds them all together. It’s just the luck of the draw, for me. 

I’ll have to take a looksie at what others have to say about their top posts. 


    11 Comments on “Publicity Works”

    1. LRose says:

      And here I am thinkin ol’ TBP would earn you above average standings. Such great responses!

    2. tnkerr says:

      Now I gotta go look at mine.

    3. LRose says:

      TBP comes in with (after “Homepage/Archives”) “100th,” “Picture Prompt #45,” and “Training Day.” All 3 this year. And it’s only 6 weeks in. Interesting. Now, the top # of responses to a prompt remains with the very first Picture Prompt, which is also the very first prompt from Occupy Daily Prompt days.

    4. LRose says:

      (want to “like” other replies…can’t. So, it’s the thought that will have to count. And, this comment).

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