Listing Things

I’m getting ready for my trip to Atlanta. Today I made a list of things to pack and where to pack them, and I even high listed the liquids that need to go in my one quart zippy bag. 

Flying has become such a pain in the ass. 

The airline lost my luggage once, about 23 years ago. My clothes went to Hawaii without me. Ever since then, I try to carry on whenever possible, and since I can’t check my equipment anyway, I’m not checking anything. 

I finished packing my purse. Now on to clothes and toiletries. 

But at least I’ll get some writing done. 

2 Comments on “Listing Things”

  1. Rain says:

    I remember hopping on a plane back before 9/11…and it was literally showing someone a ticket at a gate…the good ole days, I suppose. I actually really enjoy flying, even with all the “new” restrictions, but it’s been a while since my luggage has been lost….so there’s always that. I hope your trip goes well.

    • April says:

      Yes, it’s so different now! The flight was great, but it took me longer to get from the airport to my hotel than to get from Louisiana to Georgia.

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