The Mystery of the Missing Wishbone

Last night I made a creamy chicken and wild rice soup for dinner. I used a rotisserie chicken for the meat because it’s easy. I’m a huge fan of storebought rotisserie chickens. I used one for the chicken pot pie I made last week.

As I deconstructed the chicken last night, I had an unsettling realization.

I had no idea what happened to the wishbone from the previous chicken.


I texted Ian.

I put the wishbone somewhere from the last rotisserie chicken I took apart and IDK WHERE


No joke, people. I put that wishbone somewhere. I remember doing that, because Ian was at work and I wanted to have it so we could pull it when he got home. I had to have put it somewhere safe, because we have cats.

My heart sank and my gorge rose as I realized that one day soon, we may find that wishbone by smell.

I texted Ian some more.

Did I put it in the microwave and someone threw it away? Idk, maybe

Did I change my mind and throw it away? Idk, maybe

Did I hide it somewhere and it’s now rotting there? Idk, maybe


That wishbone is a void in my memory.

In case you didn’t notice, I am highly entertaining via text message. Borderline hysterical. At least, I think so.

And do you know what else? I still have not a clue where that wishbone is.

Last night’s wishbone, however, I do know about. I put it on a bowl in the sink while we went outside, and when I came in, Rillo had stolen it and was trying to eat it. Don’t worry, I got it away from her and put it deep in the trashcan.


The world may never know.

I should go eat some almonds. Right, Susie?

4 Comments on “The Mystery of the Missing Wishbone”

  1. susieshy45 says:

    So happy to see my name at the end of the post- yes, almonds should do it.
    I remember in our hostel long back, people used to fight to get the sunday chicken wishbone, if they were lucky to get the shoulder piece. That was the first I learned that there was a tradition associated with a wishbone. I will get a wishbone and wish you find yours. Meanwhile, you look for your almonds.

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