Top Nine Most Enjoyable Items to Engrave

  Today it just came together what to post–I was reading Stephanie’s list while engraving a wheat beer glass, and I realized that I’ve only whined about red wine glasses. I haven’t told you about all the fun things I get to engrave. It’s a challenge to prioritize them, so this list isn’t in any special order. 

  1. Tall glass vase. It’s a nice flat piece of glass, and glass just looks so pretty engraved. I like being able to fit a lot on there, with plenty of room to individualize the message. 
  2. Round keepsake box. The same premise applies, but with smaller real estate. It’s plain, with no filigree or crystals to distract from a nicely placed message. 
  3. Glass water bottle. These have a tall, narrow strip of engraving space on each side, in gaps in the silicone sleeve. I’ve only done a handful, but they look amazing. 
  4. Pocket watches. They’re fun. And require attention to detail. Stem up or stem right? Front or back? Anything on the box? 
  5. Ceramic mugs. These require color be added to the engraving, since it’s broken the integrity of the glaze. Also look super good when done right. 
  6. Where I’m not supposed to. I do understand that this makes it harder on employees who aren’t brave enough to figure out how to hold an oddly shaped item or adventurous enough to take a risk, but it’s pretty cool to make something one-of-a-kind. 
  7. Rectangular filigree keepsake box. This goes along with #6, but come on! It has four flat sides that are simply begging for engraving. Just on the top is for squares. 
  8. Wedding sets. Flutes or server sets or both, I’m tickled to engrave something a happy couple will treasure until one of them smashes it to bits in a fit of pique. 
  9. Zippos. They’re easy, they’re small, but they have so much room for personalization. I’ve never done two exactly the same. 

This was a fun list to write! I wandered around and weighed the merits of different items to decide on my favorites. I could probably add a few more items to the list, but nine was the number Ian chose from my arbitrarily selected range of 5-12. Perhaps I’ll do another. 


10 Comments on “Top Nine Most Enjoyable Items to Engrave”

  1. tnkerr says:

    Where do your designs come from? Do you freehand these or they programmed into the machine? That “Q” is pretty awesome!

    • April says:

      The fonts and images are programmed, what I do is position everything properly on whatever item I have to engrave.

      • tnkerr says:

        What if someone wanted a pattern that wasn’t already programmed? Is it easy to program? Can you do it with an image file? Can you vary the depth of the engraving?
        Sorry to be a pest. I’m curious.

      • April says:

        If you have a clear image I can send it to the logo department to be digitized, can’t do anything here, tho. I can and do vary the depth of the engraving, depending on what the item is made of.

      • April says:

        And you’re not a pest at all! It IS pretty darn cool.

  2. susieshy45 says:

    Back home, most of the time people want their names engraved on the special vessels and cooking utensils they buy, to show whose they are, I guess. That is the only engraving I have heard about but your fun way of engraving on things and your list are new to me.
    Thank you for sharing !

  3. abbiosbiston says:

    We did matching beer mugs for the groom, groomsmen and fathers of the bride and groom for our wedding. They’re still all very treasured.

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