Stephanie has some serious words to live by here: “I don’t care if you disagree with me, just don’t be an asshole about it.”

Adventures of a Bibliophile

I’ve written this post a hundred times over the last six months. I’ve written versions out of anger, and ones that were just long rambling rants. I’ve also talked myself out of publishing this post as many times as I’ve written it (for good reason). But today – maybe it’s because I’ve been reading the news too much or because I’m listening to Gloria Steinem’s book (which is making me angry in the most wonderful way) or because Martin Luther King Jr. day is tomorrow – I decided it’s time. Because as many reasons I have for not putting this out in the world, I have one more to do it. It may be minuscule, but I have a little corner of the internet, and if I’ve learned anything lately, it’s that I should use it. I’m going to refrain from mentioning specific politics – partly because I don’t want…

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