Character Sketch #6

  Her legs are bare below her turquoise pencil skirt, thin and pale and cold. Her eyebrows hover darkly above eyes that fail to meet anyone else’s. 

His teardrop tattoo has aged poorly; it might easily be mistaken for a birthmark now. Hands jammed deep in his pockets, he swaggers proudly by. 

Her bag is expensive; so are her rings and clothes and breasts. Her salon-colored hair swings loosely around her shoulder blades as she walks without a care in the world. 

He trails behind his grandmother, scuffing his shoes on the floor. She turns sharply, a frown on her weathered face, and he hurried to catch up to her. 

Her feet move quickly, propelling her forward as she towers over everyone else. Her long dress catches against the curve of her leg, but she pays it no mind. 


4 Comments on “Character Sketch #6”

  1. LRose says:

    You’d think malls are malls; a dime a dozen. And the people who populate them. But, either you live in a character-rich part of the planet, or I ain’t got the observation skills you have.

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