Ninety-Two Plus Eight

Apple's Hundred Points SymbolWe got new words coming every day, fam.  And my husband and I mock them all. He’s my king. I’m his queen. We keep it 100 erry day, baby girl.

My youngest brother is the cause of all this. He and his girlfriend are absolutely hysterical on Facebook and Instagram. But my favorite was a comment one of his friends made a few months ago.

He kept it real, but he didn’t keep it 100. He kept it 92 plus 8.Apple's Face With Tears of Joy

Happy one hundred follows to The Blog Propellant! Next stop, one hundred million! But that’ll definitely be a lot for our fearless leader. Apple's Winking Face



2 Comments on “Ninety-Two Plus Eight”

  1. LRose says:

    Holy crap…one hundred MILLION?! I was getting ready to crawl into bed when this came in. Oh gee thanks, Insomnia Monsteress 😉

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