Going to Work

About a year and a half ago, I did a writing assignment for an mTurk describing my trip to work in great detail. It’s mostly the same still, although since we moved, I have to take a few more turns before I get to highway 80. 

After I close my front door behind me, I walk down the three steps to the ground. I walk around the front of my vehicle and open the driver’s door to enter the vehicle. I put my purse and water bottle on the passenger seat and insert the key into the ignition. 

I put the vehicle in reverse and back up about five feet so I can see the street beyond my home. I look to make sure no cars are coming, and exit my driveway by turning the rear of the vehicle to the north. I put the vehicle in drive and drive at the speed limit of 5 miles per hour to the end of my street, about 70 yards. I stop at the stop sign and spend one to two minutes waiting for a break in the traffic on highway 80 before turning right. 

I usually catch the first traffic light and spend less than a minute waiting for it to turn green. I continue in the left lane underneath interstate 220. After a mile I pass the local community college. Finally there are homes and businesses on both sides of the road, including three trailer parks, an apartment complex, a bingo hall, a liquor store, several banks, and numerous fast food chains. 

I am usually stopped by the fourth traffic light and wait about a minute for it to turn green. I continue west, still in the left lane. I pass mobile home suppliers and sales. I pass the empty lot where a hotel used to be that I delivered food to about twelve years ago. 

As I am now about two blocks from my destination, I must slow to accommodate the heavier traffic volume in the center of town. I almost always have to wait at the second to last traffic light before my turn. I cross Airline Drive and turn left into the toys r us parking lot on my way to the mall parking lot where I park in the north facing lane closest to where the arcade used to be. 

I turn the vehicle off and gather my water and purse. I open the door, lock the doors, exit the vehicle, and close the door behind me. I walk about fifty yards to the food court entrance of the mall. I greet the housekeeper who is vacuuming the carpet between the two sets of entrance doors. I immediately turn left and pass the childrens rides, silent in the morning before customers arrive. I greet my acquaintance who owns the subway in the food court. 

I turn left and pass one kiosk before reaching my own, where I set my purse and water on the floor to unlock the padlocks that keep my kiosk secured during closing hours.


One Comment on “Going to Work”

  1. susieshy45 says:

    Perfect descriptions, I could literally seeing you going through each step of the process. The only thing I could get were the directions because i never get directions-North, West etc.., are hopeless for me.

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