Character Sketch #4

  She walks with purpose, phone gripped tightly in her fist by her side. The expression on her face, combined with her work uniform, screams that she is one returning from her break. 

His eyes dart quickly side to side as he absentmindedly chews the pull string that protrudes from his collar. He focuses on someone or something and pauses momentarily, lost in thought. 

Her arm swings wildly, sharply contrasting with the other arm that holds her phone before her face. Her jaw juts out in frustration–someone is going to pay for that text message. 

He staggers as his daughter puts her full forty pounds into the grab for the tail of his shirt. She giggles, releasing him to to scamper ahead. He follows. 

Her socks are mismatched below the rolled cuffs of her Capri pants. She doesn’t care; her carefree laugh echoes above the Christmas carols. 

He wears a suit and tie and towers over everyone else, glaring as he strides. He twists the department store plastic bag tighter and tighter with both hands, as if he’s trying to suffocate the contents so recently purchased. 

6 Comments on “Character Sketch #4”

  1. LRose says:

    Love the last 3, in particular. One of these days one of these characters is going to send you off on a storytelling frenzy!

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