Character Sketch #3

Old hippie woman, bare toes sticking out of her Birkenstocks. She pauses to eyeball the sleep skin lined slippers in the store window, then mosies on about her business. 

High school football coach with long strides and waxed mustachio stretching out like a steer’s horns. His windbreaker rustles quietly as he walks past, game face on. 

Lipstick paints a memory of lips on her withered face, brightly magenta, startling in contrast with her tidy white cap of curls. 

He looks around, annoyed as she stops yet again to scroll through text messages on her phone. He relaxes his stance, feet shoulder width apart. Her focus never leaves the screen of her iPhone. She. She finishes, she continues on without even sparing him a glance. 

He looks like year four Harry Potter; she looks like a lumberjack. They make it work. Red and black checks and lightning bolt scars. 

5 Comments on “Character Sketch #3”

  1. LRose says:

    These sketches are very fun

  2. KarmenF says:

    I am really enjoying these! You’re making me want to find time to people watch 🙂

  3. Fiona says:

    These are great!

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