Character Sketch #2

  She walks with a flowered cane that taps randomly: “I’m for show, I’m for show.” Her rhinestoned ballcap is placed gently atop her mop of unruly curls. Her vacant smile is infectious, and all respond to it positively.

The gaggle of adolescent girls flows by, in flagrant violation of the family night policy dictating that they must be accompanied by a parent or guardian over 21. One struggles with heeled boots too tall for her unpracticed legs, wobbling, then righting herself. She has lipstick on her teeth. 

Sweet old lady, petite and snowy haired, hauling bags and bags of gifts for her grands. Tucked in among the toys and tee shirts, a Victoria’s Secret bag smugly keeps its secrets. Her teeth are as white as her hair. 

The rebel flags on his shirt and hat give away his accent before he speaks. His mustache is a wooly caterpillar crawling across his lip as he tells his old lady not to spend money she don’t have on stuff she don’t need. Sage advice couched in poor grammar. 

Leopard print pants. Soft black boots. Blonde hair to her waist. The resignation on her face is plain as she drags her feet back to her mother’s side with a sigh. 


2 Comments on “Character Sketch #2”

  1. abbiosbiston says:

    I would love to know what was in that old lady’s bag.

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