Happy Thanksgiving Again

Today has gone better than expected; my mother got her deconstructed turkey in the oven an hour late, but we only ate half an hour late. 

My best friend’s mom made some amazing dressing. 

My best friend pulled me to the side to tell me that she saw my mother put half a cup of salt in the gravy. 

My best friend’s dad and my brother’s girlfriend held an impromptu concert on the back porch on penny whistles. This attracted the attention of the neighbor kids playing outside. I knew they would get along swimmingly, since he’s a musician and she’s a music major. I rather enjoyed seeing her passion for music and music history come out. It made me see how she and my brother are so perfect for each other, because he’s the same way when he gets taking about his game developing.

Waffles even came out, momentarily. 

And work has been going by not too slowly, so that’s good.

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