It’s On the Fan

The shit.

The new assistant manager took offense at my joking “ooh you’re late” today when she was fucking late. Without calling. On her first day working by herself.

After an hour of her being six years old in front of customers she told me she hopes I take a bath because I stink.

I don’t really have room for this kind of crap in my life, so she’s not gonna be with the company much longer.

I’m super stressed over this whole ordeal. Too bad my 1,300 word statement to HR doesn’t count towards my NaNoWriMo goal.

Who’s got a suggestion for turning off my brain and working on my novel? Or not working on my novel, even though I’d like to do that. Any distraction would be good.

Just…argh. Seriously? Take a bath? That’s not even a good insult! So frustrated right now.


10 Comments on “It’s On the Fan”

  1. LRose says:

    Picture Prompt it out, baby! Any ol’ pic any way you want.

  2. LRose says:

    Oh, April…our bloggin buddy tnkerr has a little challenge I think is up your alley! Check out his latest post (PP #38) and read through the comments.

  3. KarmenF says:

    Ugh… People suck… Especially unimaginative sucky people…

  4. abbiosbiston says:

    She sounds like something that rhymes with snitch.

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  6. […] #5. That one also has the email for Human Resources jotted on the back, the one I had to send my statement to a while […]

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