Just One, Please?

“Do you want to go over there? On the other side of the fence? There’s more birds over there, and I’m hungry.”

“No, those birds are not for eating, silly. They’re just enjoying their day, like we are. Let’s keep on our walk.”


“But please? They look so tasty and fresh.”

“No. You had a lovely meal before we left for our walk, and if you behave, we can have a treat when we get home.”

“A mouse treat? I love those.”

“Not a mouse treat. I have some yummy fish shaped treats for you.”

“But those don’t wriggle when I pounce on them. Maybe just one bird?”

“Not even one bird. Come on, it’s time to go.”

“Maybe I’ll catch a bird tomorrow.”

“Maybe you will.”

Picture Prompt #37

3 Comments on “Just One, Please?”

  1. LRose says:

    “Mama, puhleeeese???!!!”

  2. KarmenF says:

    My cat snubs his nose at any sort of bagged treat. If it does wriggle, it’s not worth eating

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