Why Is It

That today, a super crappy day, I have nothing queued up to post? Probably because that would be too easy.

I worked two extra hours because our new engraver is a piece of crap. I had to wash my hands as soon as I got home because they were disgusting from sticking them in the gross water reservoir because the tube came off the pump. Extra gross today because I had to finish up the stemless white wine glasses with the water soluble oil since the pump was fucked.

There’s no sink in the kiosk, and I can’t get to the mall bathrooms when they’re cleaning the floors. I used my blood orange soap, and my fingers still smell like I’ve been lubing up the valves on my French horn in seventh grade band.

I’m sick of working this job full time because the district manager is a huge asshole who doesn’t understand math. Seriously, there’s no reason any store’s numbers should be below the company average? That’s not how averages work, jackass.

I made a new friend, but guess what? Somehow I didn’t save her number, and since she didn’t get engraving on the items she purchased, the store doesn’t have it either. 

And now? Now there’s a cat clawing underneath the door because she wants in. F that s.

Ugh. I’m probably not even going to work on my novel today because f this s. Just f it. This is why I try to stay a day ahead. So I can say fuck it on days like this.

9 Comments on “Why Is It”

  1. Lola says:

    Tomorrow is another day! πŸ™‚

  2. LRose says:

    Someone needs a cup of hot cocoa and a foot rub ;-p

  3. tnkerr says:

    You don’t need to pull any punches here. Go on, tell us how you really feel!
    It’ll get better.

  4. KarmenF says:

    I feel your pain! I dealt with stupid today as well. But if you can post your way through it, I suppose I have no excuse either… Le sigh…

  5. abbiosbiston says:

    Some days are harder than others. I hear that today.

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