Halloween Book Tag

Stephanie shared this Halloween Book Tag, and in the spirit of continuing to rest my brain while still posting daily, here we go!

👻 Favourite scary must read for Halloween: I generally read whatever calls to me; I don’t think I’ve ever read a scary book for Halloween. I’m in the midst of three or four right now, but the last book I read a page in is Killashandra. Not scary.

🍭 Scariest Book Cover, Like Ever. This is a tough one. I can’t possibly remember all the book covers, even of the books I’ve read. If you go read Michelle’s original post, she chose Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, but I really had thought of it before I read her post. I will say the scariest image I ever got from reading something was the end of Robert Bloch’s Enoch. Oddly enough, there’s a character named Enoch in Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.

👻 If you could pick any author to go trick or treating with, who would you pick? Harlan Ellison. He seems so charismatic and fun to bullshit with.

🍭 If you could dress up as any bookish character for Halloween, who would you be? Cirocco Jones, but the one from Wizard, in a serape. But I’m afraid I haven’t the nose to do her justice.

👻 If you could find anything, from any book, in your trick or treat stash, what would you hope to find? A time belt.

🍭 In what fictional world would you like to go trick or treating? Stephanie said the Shire, and I just can’t beat that.

👻 What book villain would you not like to meet alone in a dark alley on Halloween? They’re a pair, but Croup and Vandemar from Neverwhere.

🍭 Would you rather dress up as a vampire, zombie, werewolf or a shadowhunter? A zombie, because there’s so much latitude as far as appearance.

👻 Pick a candy (just one) from Harry Potter that you would love to find in your stash. I googled, and I pick Ice Mice. They sound so cool. Hear your teeth chatter and squeak!

🍭 What is your favourite Halloween candy? I used to love candy corn, but now I don’t. Cadbury makes Halloween Creme Eggs now, so I’ll go with those.

Feel free to participate!


2 Comments on “Halloween Book Tag”

  1. kim881 says:

    I’m a huge Ransom Riggs fan and have been recommending Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children to everyone! The cover and the images in the books are creepy and the way Riggs wove his plot and characters around them is unique. But I wonder how the images came to be in real life, before Riggs discovered them!

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